party poker vs party poker live

Difference between Partypoker and Partypoker Live

There are many different factors involved that make the difference between online and live games. In that included:

Playing speed

At one online table In an hour of playing poker, you’ll likely up to 100-120 hands. Even at a fast-paced table in a casino tournament, you’ll be lucky to see more than 40 hands in the same timeframe.

A frequent leak from online players is that after multi-tabling for 10 hours at home, adapting to the comparatively slow play at a live table will frustrate them.

Attack or Defencedefence or attack

Live players are typically a little looser than online players at much lower buy-in levels. Online players are tighter and more aggressive. They also mix up their ranges better in general than live players. There is one advantage in Online, players can switch it up easier without giving away physical tells.

Note: Be careful about how you identify players live and online on this basis, and never assume anything 100%. Before long, you’ll be mixing it with the best!

More exciting offers

The live game gives you more offers than an online game. That include:

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You can also enjoy amazing entertainment live parties.

You can also share your feed. Join our community and you can chat with other players full stop you can also speak directly to our team.

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Bet Sizingbet sizing

When an online cash game might feature players opening for 2x, 2.5x, or 3x the big blind. But in live games, it isn’t unusual to encounter players opening for 5x or 6x or even more.

Multi-Way Pots

That said, One consequence of this trend is more multi-way pots occurring live than online where pre-flop betting more typically creates heads-up situations.


According to observation, live players are often looser than online players with their preflop calls and post-flop things tend to go differently.  It defines that the big river bluffs tend to get through more often live than happens online.

Frequency of Bad Beats

With the tendency to run into more callers online, many players reported experiencing “bad beats” more often online than what happens live. This is especially so at the “micros” and lowers limits online, where the small support further encourages calls. It’s also one of the big differences between live and online poker.

The Pace of the Game

The more obvious surface-level difference between live and online poker is the pace of play. In that, Online poker plays are faster than live poker. Some who prefer playing live games you might be dealt around 30 hands per hour in a no-limit for cash game. But online you’ll see 60 hands per hour (or more) at a given table and even more in short-handed games.