money transfers

Transfers are necessary on a gambling website

While you’re at a gambling site, transferring money is a necessity. It is because you cannot fully understand poker’s thrill unless there are victory and defeat involved in the game. If you are a registered member of Pokerstars and want to transfer money into your account or from your account, then this article is exclusively for you.

While you are thinking about transferring money into your account of any gambling site, trust, trust plays a great role. We have all heard of the questionable poker sites that rob you of money. However, you can be 100% sure that Pokerstars is an authentic platform, and it is dependable. You can trust this betting site with your money. It is a registered site with a valid license for gambling, which is an indicative of its high trust quotient.

How to Transfer Money from Your Bank to Pokerstarshow to transfer

Step 1: Log into the Pokerstars account using the credentials. If you use an app and are already logged in, then ignore this step.

Step 2: Search for the cashier option. Once you find the cashier, tap on the button, and it should lead you to the money transferring window.

Step 3: Choose the method you want to use to transfer money from your bank account to Pokerstars. You might have various options handy, choose the one that takes the least time and is the most secure.

Step 4: Enter the bank details into the designated place. In case you are using a pre-paid wallet, enter the details of the wallet to make the transfer.

Step 5: Once you enter the details and click on ‘’okay,’’ you shall receive an OTP (one-time-password). Type in the OTP number and proceed with the money transfer to Pokerstars. Your bank transfer is complete.

General Rules for Money Transfer in Pokerstarsrules

When we talk about money transfer, we mean a transfer of money to Pokerstars account, within Pokerstars account, and from Pokerstars account. This article deals with all sorts of money transfers; it is not just about money deposits.

Here are the general rules of money transfer in Pokerstars:

  • Transferring money to the player’s account can only be made with the authorized modes of transfer. You can click here to view what methods you can use to transfer money from your bank account into Pokerstars.
  • Once you transfer an amount into the player’s account, you shall not be able to transfer the money back to your bank account without utilizing the funds for playing poker.
  • If you have won an amount, you will be eligible to transfer that amount into your funds at Pokerstars. It is not necessary for you to withdraw your winnings. You can use it to play more poker game.
  • Transfer of the winning amount to your bank account can only be done through direct bank transfer mode. Pokerstars will take 24 hours to transfer the money.
  • You can transfer money to Pokerstars even if you are traveling internationally. Pokerstars will convert the money into the currency of the country you are in.